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VEBKO AMT105 - Relay Tester

VEBKO AMT105 - Relay Tester

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Comprehensive Relay Test and Protection Equipment

  • Relay comprehensive tester and AMT105 equipment
  • Four 150 voltage outputs capable of applying 450V single phase
  • Six outputs up to 32 amps and 60 phase and 64 amp three-phase and 128 single-phase amps

Software Specifications

  • Capable of testing a wide range of electromechanical, static, and numerical relays
  • Capable of reading, editing, and creating all XRio and Rio files
  • Capable of transient testing
  • Capable of point-to-point or end-to-end testing
  • Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi
  • Automatically performing tests
  • Generating a comprehensive reports on tests
  • Capable of automatically filling out the test sheets of different companies
  • Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  • Supports Android and iOS operating systems
  • Autosave, Redo and Undo options
  • PDF Help File in English
  • Using Bootloader technology to update Firmware
  • A host of instructional videos

Testing Circuit Breakers(CB) and Isolators

  • Timing Test
  • Contact Resistance
  • Minimum Voltage to Operate Circuit Breaker

Testing transducers and meters

  • Highly precise in testing transducers and meters
  • Equipped with a pulse counter to automatically read energy

Testing Voltage Transformers and Capacitor Voltage Transformers(VT/CVT)

  • Secondary Burden
  • Short-Circuit Impedance
  • Resistance
  • Excitation
  • Ratio

Testing Voltage Power Transformers

  • Winding resistance
  • Ratio (TTR)
  • No-Load Current
  • Vector group
  • Magnetic balance
  • Tap changer continuity
  • Demagnetizing

Capable of Testing Current Transformers(CT)

  • Excitation (Saturation)
  • Hysteresis curve
  • Ratio using current or voltage
  • Polarity using current or voltage
  • Phase error
  • Winding resistance
  • Secondary burden

Testing Circuit Breakers(CB) and Isolators

  • Testing the opening and closing time
  • Contact resistance measurement
  • Minimum power voltage

Testing Cable Resistance

Testing RTD

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