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Three Phase Relay Testing Kit

Three Phase Relay Testing Kit

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Manufacturer- DOBLE

Model- F6150

Item Code: ERTK-D-01

The F6150 is the instrument with the high power, flexibility, and sophisticated software to run full simulation tests on your relays and protection schemes. It provides everything you need in a single, field-rugged, portable box. It can test everything from a single, high-burden electromechanical earth/ground fault relay to complete, modern, multi-function numerical microprocessor protection schemes, without the need for additional instruments. In addition, with its high-accuracy output, the F6150 can be easily applied to calibration testing of transducer and energy metering applications, including meters rated at 0.2 Class. If you are looking for a new or used Relay Test Set F6150 on rent, contact us or request a quote today.

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