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DRV - Feeder/Bus Differential Protection

DRV - Feeder/Bus Differential Protection

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IEC 61850 DRV relays are provided with a number of software and hardware functions that enable exchanging all the information required by Bus Differential Protection with the Central Bus Differential Protection Unit. Phase current, bus breaker status, and breaker status are retrieved, processed, and transmitted through the DRV to the Central Bus Differential Protection Unit, in order for the latter to process the Bus Differential Protection function algorithms.

Protection Function

  • Phase overcurrent
  • Ground overcurrent
  • Negative sequence overcurrent
  • Sensitive ground overcurrent
  • Restrained voltage overcurrent
  • Directional phase overcurrent
  • Directional ground overcurrent
  • Directional sensitive ground overcurrent
  • Minimum current
  • Minimum voltage
  • Maximum voltage
  • Maximum ground voltage
  • Negative sequence overvoltage (V Unb.)
  • Maximum/minimum frequency
  • Rate of Change
  • Recloser
  • Synchronism check
  • Directional power
  • Thermal image element
  • Breaker failure element
  • Negative sequence overcurrent (I Unb.)
  • Restrained ground faults
  • Out-of-step
  • One overcurrent supervision element per phase of the differential protection trip and the remote end trip via communications.
  • One overcurrent supervision element per phase of the breaker failure trip.
  • Dynamic Zone logic element to disable the bay when this has no influence on the differential protection zone.

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