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AEGIS- Multi Function Protection Relay

AEGIS- Multi Function Protection Relay

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The AEGIS range of multi-function relay platform provides cost-effective, integrated Numerical Protection, Control, Monitoring & Measuring with Communication functionality. The platform has state of- the-art technology which ensures superior performance. The multi-function capability of AEGIS finds application as main or backup protection in almost every area of power system protection.

General Features

  • Self Monitoring
  • Graphic LCD (160*160 dots) to view/change setting, view events and analog information.
  • Wide range of site selectable universal operating time curve (IEC & IEEE) or user defined curve
  • Wide range of Auxiliary Supply
  • Expandable input/output Modules.
  • Outputs configurable to Self/Manual reset.
  • Multi level password protection.
  • Four Independent setting groups.
  • User friendly setting and disturbance record analysis software.
  • Programmable alarm/trip indication LEDs with text legend.

Protection Functions

  • Directional/Non-Directional Over Current Protection.
  • Directional/Non-Directional Measured ground fault Protection.
  • Under/Over Voltage Protection.
  • Neutral Voltage Displacement Protection.
  • Negative Sequence Over Current Protection.
  • Cold Load Pick-up & Inrush restraint (68).
  • Circuit Breaker Failure Protection.
  • Feeder Protection Relay
  • Motor Protection Relay
  • Transformer Protection Relay

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